María Cristina Coca Pereira

Cristina-CocaMaría Cristina Coca Pereira holds a PhD in Psychology (Department of Biological and Health Psychology, UAM); a Master’s Degree in Social Gerontology (UAM); a Master’s in Bioethics (UCM) and is an Expert in Psychotherapy (European Federation of Associations of Psychologists). She has worked in the Hematology Service of the Hospital Universitario La Paz (Madrid) and the Antae Institute undertaking various health innovation, research and teaching projects. Currently, in addition to her private practice, she is an associate professor at UAM and UNIR. She teaches on different Master’s, postgraduate courses and non-university training aimed at doctors, nurses, social workers and psychologists in the health field. In her many book chapters and published articles, she has demonstrated a special interest in: informed consent, prior instructions, ethics of information to the patient and their relatives, medical decision making (oncological, renal and infectious diseases, advanced chronic diseases and in the end of life), counselling, training, and coping strategies for health workers. She has led 11 research projects in the area of health and collaborated in others in the same area.

Intereses: research in bioethics, bioethics and shared decision-making, deliberation, communication with patients and their relatives in critical situations, health psychology, advanced chronic diseases, palliative care and burnout.