EACME - European Association of Centres of Medical Ethics

Since September 2016, the “Francisco Vallés” Clinical Ethics Institute is part of the European Association of Centers of Medical Ethics (EACME).

The European Association of Centers of Medical Ethics (EACME) is, since its inception on December 1985, an international research and communication network of academic and non-academic centers which has the aim to promote research, education and consultation in the field of (bio)-medical ethics by way of exchange of information, support of students, teachers and researchers, and organization of annual conferences.

EACME wants to promote and reinforce debate on moral values and ethical theory in relation with health care practice, biomedical research and healthcare systems, from an individual, social and legal point of view. This includes the development of methods and concepts to implement ethical deliberation into daily medical and health care practice. EACME strongly endorses the cooperation with other societies and associations in the field of bioethics, philosophy of medicine and social medicine, both at a national and international level, particularly in regard with ethical deliberation and policy-making.

Through an active participation in this network, our Institute seeks to stimulate novel, collaborative, international research projects in the field of clinical ethics, both by means of private and public initiatives and competitive funding.