Diego Real de Asúa

Diego-Real-de-AsuaDiego Real de Asúa is a physician-ethicist. As a trained internist, he has worked as a hospitalist in two major university hospitals in Madrid, Spain (Hospital Universitario de La Princesa 2007-2014 and Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos 2014-2016). In the academic field, he earned his PhD at the Department of Medicine, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Madrid, Spain. His background as ethicist includes a Master degree in Bioethics (Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, Madrid, Spain) during which he became increasingly engaged with end-of-life ethics, and also started teaching bioethics and professionalism to younger residents and medical students. He has been an active member of the Clinical Healthcare Bioethics Committee at both former institutions (La Princesa University Hospital and Rey Juan Carlos University Hospital, both in Madrid, Spain), serving as one of the founding members in the latter. Dr. Real de Asua is currently completing a fellowship in Medical Ethics at the Department of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine, New York. Besides his academic work at Cornell University, he actively collaborates with two major bioethics institutions: the Francisco Vallés Bioethics Institute and the Clinical Bioethics Study Group of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine. This collaboration has led to several peer reviews publications in recent years, as well as to the promotion of debate and deliberation on current bioethical problems through “blog-type” comments on recently published manuscripts at the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine website. He is also member of the Asociación de Bioética Fundamental y Clínica.

Academic interests: end-of-life ethics (specially on the differences between withholding and withdrawing treatment, and on how they apply to clinical practice), bioethics education and teaching to undergraduate and graduate students.